Pros and Cons of the Ford Granada

The Ford Granada (European Large Executive Car) was manufactured by Ford Europe from the year 1972 until 1994 when its production was halted.  The first generation of this car model was produced as from 1972 to 1976 at the British factory setup in Dagenham and German factory setup in Cologne.

The production of the Ford Granada production was however later moved to Germany completely. In 1977, the first generation Ford Granada was replaced by a second generation model that was in production until 1985.

Between 1985 all the way to 1994 the Granada names was only used in the United Kingdom for a third generation model that was sold out to other European markets with the name Ford Scorpio.

Due to the model’s ample room, many Ford Granada’s were turned into hearses and Police vehicles as they provided enough room to transport caskets or suspects taking them to custody.

In the 1970’s, High end Ford Ownership in Europe translated to affordability of performance and equipment levels that were then a preserve of premium brand car models that fetched a higher price. However with the Granada, Ford brought the coveted features closer to the average person.

Ford Granada model was manufactured and sold in three options;

  • The Four Door Saloon car
  • The Five Door Estate Car known as the (Turnier)
  • The Two Door Fast Back Coupé

The Pros

Room: many Ford Granada owners loved this vehicle due to the fact that it had plenty of room.

Performance: 2L manual, great breaking System, handled predictability and was quality build. It was a car that was fuel economical and didn’t require a lot of hard driving. The car was also very good for off-roading, spirited driving and an excellent option if you were addicted track racing driver.

When it comes to speeds, from 0-60MPH in a Ford Granada was a perfect drive for driving your children to school and driving around senior citizens. However, if you drove beyond 50mph, you experience plenty of pull and at these speeds even in today’s world, you will be able to keep up with motorway traffic.

A new Ford Granada or one that is properly maintained despite being over 30 years old has plenty of torque. For fun lovers; this car model is tail happy in the wet. The owners of this car Ford Model however, loved it due to its wonderful room that allowed them to ferry their family comfortably.

The Cons

Unfortunately, the model wasn’t fit with a fuel (filter) heater. The car didn’t come with a power steering and a lot of muscle was used for parking, the light tail was dangerous during winter and caution was and is still advised.

Younger drivers had a lot of trouble with this Ford model due to the frequency of breaking down and its rear wheel drive wasn’t all that great when it came to speeds on roads.

In its hay days, The Ford Granada did help many families, police forces and mortuaries go about their business without too much of a hassle. Its affordable price and utility made it an iconic Ford Model that was loved by many. If you are currently working on a project and need spare parts, HQ Car and Van Breakers have a large selection of parts which could help you.