Ford Granada as a Collectors Car

For Ford Granada enthusiasts, the year 1975 and specifically 2nd of January remains as one of the most  significant dates forever etched in their memory as  this was the first time on British television was changed by the airing of the 1st episode of The Sweeny on ITV.

Since that day till today, The Ford Granada has always been linked to flared trousers, and the shouting of one particular word “Guv’nor”.

As the Sweeny’s Granada fleet chief stunt man (Peter Brayham) was quoted saying “the Big Ford was a very worthwhile car that was particularly wonderful in a variable of stunts”.  We now see why the Ford Granada is a collectors’ car for many people who grew up in the 70s.

But the Sweeny was not the only television program that gave prominence to the Granada, Euston Films earlier on used Ford Granada’s in its crime drama “Special Branch”. This also contributed to the way Granada was forever viewed as the mode of transportation for short-tempered Detective Inspectors.

The Ford Granada is a collectors’ car mainly because in the two iconic British crime drama series, the model of car (Ford Granada) product placement logic which was not rivalled by any other brand or model in British Motor Industry.

Most of the collectors that were taken in by the TV series and films featuring Granadas’ tend to mount fake number plates that were used in the films back then so that their cars can look authentic.


The Ford Impression in UK

To get to know why the Granada is a collector’s car we have to discuss how diverse the Granada was from its immediate precursor (Zodiac) which was a 6 seater saloon car whose bonnet closely resembled a medium sized airliner hauler.

But after Ford Granada was announced in the United Kingdom, the idea of a Big Ford transformed into a European made vehicle that had impeccable roadside manners. The Dagenham-built engine was a 3.0 litre V6 manufactured in Essex that was sold for the upmarket clients.

However, most collectors of this iconic British built car link the Granada to the attraction of crime busting chain smoking detectives that had a knack and the machismo of busting and apprehending bad guys.

The Ford Granada MK2 is particularly a hit with collectors due to its angular shape. The car’s new styling aspect was overseen by Filippo Sapino saw Ford adopt a new Pan-European Sharp-suit and these changes rapidly spread to the whole Ford Range.

The Ford Granada MK2 generation saw the replacement of the old Essex v6 engines with the Fresh Cologne V6 engines that were made in 2293cc and 2792cc. Then again the Granada was designed to have a lot of room.

Even today, collectors love this car as they can easily convert it into a hearse or a mobility vehicle that they can go camping with. One of the greatest and exclusive cars of its time, the Ford Granada is a popular collectors’ car especially for the role it played in iconic British Crime drama series and films! They have also been used at car promotion events including part of large used car supermarket of car dealer ni SERE Motors  marketing campaign, who sell new and used cars in Belfast and Lisburn.